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Dala Flow Acrylic is the ideal new product for the classroom, as well as graphic and craft projects.

Containing the same high quality of formulation as our successful impasto acrylic, Dala Flow Acrylic has a more liquid viscosity (flow). Ideal for large, flat areas of colour or executing detailed graphic applications.

Dala Flow Acrylic, on the other hand, is far more liquid and, because it is applied thinner, is consumed at slower rates, making it the perfect, economical classroom companion.

The pigment rich, intense colour range encourages extensive colour mixing and with excellent light fastness and archival properties, this competitively priced product will create artworks to colour your world for years to come.

  • Fluid acrylic in a convenient squeeze bottle
  • May be thinned out further for watercolour effects
  • Intense colours
  • Satin sheen finish

Available Sizes / Quantities

250ml bottle

Colour Chart

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