Decoupage, the art of decorating objects with pieces of paper, glued on and embellished with various paint and varnish effects, has been around in Chinese art since the 12th Century.

In the 17th Century this craft became very popular in Venice and France, where it was first known as Decoupage (From the French word “Decouper” - to cut out). Famous aristocratic decoupagers include Marie Antoinette as well as Madame de Pompadour. The craft retained great popularity throughout the 18th Century and, even in the early 20th Century, artists such as Pablo Picasso and Henry Matisse experimented with decoupage techniques.

Dala Decoupage, introduced in South Africa in 1993, was one of the very first South African manufactured decoupage ranges. Since then, Dala has constantly improved and updated this easy to use, non-toxic range, introducing many exciting new products and ensuring the consistently professional quality of our decoupage projects.

Among the wide variety of Dala Decoupage products, you’ll find Dala Podge, core of the Dala Decoupage system; fun products like Crazy Cracks, Casting Rubber, a Liquid Latex moulding rubber, used to reproduce any 3 dimensional article for reproduction casting. and Picture Perfect, which allows the user to transfer pictures to any fabric of your choice. The Decoupage system also boasts a variety of Glazes and Varnishes, recently improved, using a revolutionary new acrylic resin technology, and our gorgeous new Antique Rub. Be sure to also look out for our new water-based polyurethane Hard Varnish. Dala Waterproof Medium, although not officially part of the decoupage range, can also be used for decoupage on fabric.

Even if you have never tried decoupaging before, with so many great products, you are bound to have enormous fun and create beautiful artworks and gifts to boot!

Antique Rub