Poured Painting
Poured Painting

Have you ever wanted to make some custom, colourful art for your walls? Then poured paintings are the way to go! They are so simple to create with really striking end results.

Inspired by the art of Holten Rower (check out his work for your own inspo) for this tutorial I used Dala Redimix / Liquid Tempera in stadard and neon colours.

Follow these easy steps here or watch the tutorial video on our youtube channel here:


What you'll Need:

3-4 box canvases (you can use more if you like. I used 6x6"; 8x8"; 10x10" and 12x12")

Your chosen colours in Dala Liquid Tempera - I used black, violet and turquoise with neon colours



A large protective sheet to work upon (I used corrugated cardboard)

Choose a large, flat surface where your painting can be left to dry.

Start by securing your largest (bottom) canvas to the surface you will be working on by coating the back of the canvas with a layer of podge.


Next, do the same with the smaller canvases by layering and building them up them on top of one another, largest to smallest, with a layer of podge inbetween each.

leave these to dry for a period of 10-15 minutes.

Preparing your paint for pouring: It is advised that if your paint is very thick, to thin it down with a little water.

Not too much as you dont want paint that is too thin.

Pour your first colour onto the centre of the canvas making a puddle about the circumference of a can of cooldrink.

Then pour your second colour into the centre of the first puddle.

Each time you add another colour (each in the center of the preceeding one) the puddles will get bigger and begin to move and fall off the sides of the canvas.

Keep layering your paints until a desired effect is acheived.

The paint will continue to move and change as the artwork dries, levelling itself on the canvases.

Do not move your canvases from the protective sheet - they must be able to dry fully in a well ventilated area. 

Leave it undisturbed, checking on it every few days.

The painting has fully dried when it turns from glossy to matte and all the water from the tempera has evaporated making the paint very hard.

This particular painting took a little over a week to dry.


You can cut your painting from the protective sheet using a craft knife.

Hang up and admire your abstract art!

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