Metal Paint Tube Wringer
Metal Paint Tube Wringer

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It is estimated that nearly 1/4 of tubed product is wasted. This heavy duty, all tube wringer will help you get the most out of your tubes.

Suitable for use with small or large plastic and metal tubes.




Height Width Depth
3cm 8cm 10cm


These heavy duty metal 'all tube wringers' are simple and suitable to use on all of your tubed products.

Open the wringer with the two ribbed rollers closest to you. Place a paint tube, adhesive tube or any other tubed product into the wringer tail first, laying the tapered end of the tube inbetween the two rollers. Ensure the paint tube is secured by holding closed the two arms as one handle, with the turning key either above or below the tube.

Begin to turn the key so that the two rollers may squeeze the paint from the bottom of the tube to the top.

Suggetsed Products:

Oil Paint

Acrylic Paint

Impasto Medium




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