Art Sand Sheets
Art Sand Sheets

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Use Dala illustrated, peel-off art sand sheets for the adhesion of fine materials like coloured art sand and glitter.

Simple and fun to decorate.

Many different designs available.




A5 packs of 2 - clear, plastic hanging pack

Dala Art Sand Sheets are comprised of two layers - an adhesive bottom layer and a non-stick, and a segmented, peel-off upper layer. Once the peel-off upper layer is removed the adhesive bottom layer can be coated with fine, lightweight craft materials like glitter and coloured art sand.

Work on a protected, flat surface in an area that is free from wind. Keep a spare peice of paper handy, to catch and decant excess sand back into the containers.

Peel a section of the non-stick layer off of the art sand sheet. When working with many different colours of art sand, it is advised that you apply darker colours first and then lighter colours.

Pour the coloured art sand or glitter from the large spoud lid bottle or from the shakers onto the adhesive sand art sheets' adhesive layer, and cover the section(s) evenly.

Gently tilt and shake the excess art sand or glitter from the art sand sheet onto the spare piece of paper, and use it to funnel the excess back into the container.

Return screw cap after use.


Please note: Colour may stain porous surfaces. Remove with a multipurpose cleaner

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